Terms and conditions

Judge’s decision is final

We would love it if everyone that enters our competition could win but that’s impossible. Our judging panel takes care to ensure they give each and every entry due consideration. We do not favour or discriminate on any level. Judgement is final and no correspondence will be entered into to discuss the relative merits of one entry over another.

Entries containing profanity or remarks considered to be racist or inflammatory by the organisers will be disqualified

Given the age group of our entrants, it is important all entrants abide by the rules of common decency and avoid entering stories that express personal views which are racially or religiously discriminatory, sexist or sexually explicit.

Winners need proof of age

Winners will need to be able to prove that they meet age restrictions and judges must be confident the winner’s work was their own work.

Publishing your entries

While your entries remain your property, by entering our competition you agree to allowing us to publishing your entries on our website, newsletter, promotional materials both printed and digital and social media channels for the reasons of announcing winners and promotion of the competition. Entries will be published with full names of entrants and associated school. If you see your entry published by us and would not like to be fully identified please let us know.

You agree

By entering our competitions, you agree to the abovementioned points on this page. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any entries that contravene the above and block or ban any entrants from future competitions.